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How it Works

End the tedium of market surveys

Generate your Market Survey

Create automated Market Surveys that are consistent, accurate and comprehensive in just a few minutes instead of hours. We gather rent, size, availability dates and everything in between down to the unit level. No more calling, emailing, and hoping that your comps respond.


Get the data you need

Our data process ensures that you are receiving the most accurate and comprehensive data possible. We gather rent, size, availability dates and everything in between down to the unit level. Then give you the tools to explore your data for valuable insights like never before with powerful dashboards and visualizations.


Drive Revenue

A unified view of your properties and their competitors provide you and your teams all the tools needed to uncover insights. Analyze historical rent trends and pricing data down to the unit level to make the right pricing changes. Forecast with confidence using accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing and availability information.


Ready to get Parley?


We streamlined the market survey process so you can spend time analyzing, not gathering.


Data is gathered for you with minimal input in seconds, not hours.


Advanced, on-demand analytics for data-driven decisions.


Verifiable data sources ensure highest quality, reliable data.


[I] have been impressed with the analytics and ease of use. It's almost too good to be true.

Shane W. Gillman
Senior Director Of Marketing
Bernstein Management Corporation

The functionality of being able to see in real time of what competitors are offering is a big benefit. There is not another tool for that.

Marcus Lai
Vice President of Asset Management

Reclaim your workday


Less email. Fewer phone calls. Your residents are your real customers, spend more time with them and instead of hiding behind the desk.

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